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Jewish Spiritual Life is the way the God of Israel provides peace for us today through His Holy Scriptures.



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1. Peace in These Times – It is possible to have real peace today.
2. The God of Israel – God has revealed Himself to us.
3. What Happens After We Die? – We do know, there’s peace, no fear of death.
4. When Will Messiah Come? – Messiah comes two times to earth.
5. Will God Judge Our Sins? – Yes, and we must prepare for it.
6. Yom Kippur – Atonement Today – How atonement is real for believers.
7. Heaven – This is a real place to live in peace and joy after death.
8. Hell – It is real.
9. Resurrection – New Bodies- Yes, believers will have peace and joy.
10. Faith in God – How to have faith in God and know His promises.
11. Being Jewish – A Jewish Bible believer is still a Jew.
12. An Inheritance for the Asking – By faith in God’s promises.
13. Your Future – A wonderful future for Bible believers, but not for unsaved.
14. You Can Trust the Bible – The Bible is God’s promise to us.
15. Yeshua In The Tenach – The name Jesus in the Jewish Bible (O.T.)
16. Who Is A Jew? – The God of Israel answers this question.
17. The Principles for Personal Peace – Step by step instructions.
18. Teenagers – Begin as a teenager, live a beautiful life with God.
19. Fear – You can live above fear and have true peace.
20. Being Rich – The place to find riches that never pass away.

21. An Atheist - This is a choice; the truth and results will be known at death.

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